After working for 5 years with cutting and treating curly hair, I Ana Libardo, Founding Partner, gathered the necessary means to achieve a Dream, which arose along with the continuous fall of the beauty dictatorship, where the cry for freedom was heard, and natural hair took the stage.

We came up with the proposal to bring the consumer a differentiated product, suitable for all types of hair, with quality, style, and fair price.

Therefore, in 2017 STUFF FRONHAS ANTI FRIZZ opened its doors to the world.

Today we are a team, and we are spread out in specialized sales points, in various corners of the country, in constant national and international expansion, disseminating our proposal of practicality and self-care.

In addition to our own brand, we also manufacture products from the same segment, for other companies, which create, alter and customize their manufacture, increasingly expanding the market and providing more people with the possibility of practicality and quality in their hair routine.

I invite you to browse our website, and learn more about what we have created.