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How to wash satin and our protectie

Delicates need a spacial way to wash. Yes, I know what you are thinking: hand wash… Satin accessories in that group of “delicates that requires special attention”.

I can feel from here you rolling your eyes on me. and saying: “but who has the time to wash hand nowadays?”

Yesss, I know that. And excalty for this reason I thought about a solution:No Frizz Protective BAG!

The thing is: first I will explain you about how you should wash satin accessories and than you will understand why about the protective bag.

As our moms: hand washing

Hand washing requires a basic care: color separation, this way you avoid stains.

Fill up a bucket with water and soap. You will need to dissolve the soap (liquid or powder) into the water before putting in the clothes ok? After dissolving, submerge all clothes in the bucket and leave it there for a while so the soap can panetrade.

Now is the hardest time: soak, swish, rinse and repeat. Don’t forget that satin is a delicate fabric, so take care during the process, ok?

Done that, change the water and rinse it till all soap come out of the piece. Now fill up the bucket once more, but this time with softner and leave it for a while (always check the intructions).

Done for good. You don’t need to rinse it, just twist it very carefully to remove water excess. Now place the products to shadow dries, never under sun!

Instructions of how to wash satin in washing machine

As I was saying, delicate fabrics need delicate washing. The ideal is to hand wash each piece to not break the fibers.

The come and go from washing machines can damage the satin, especially because the accessory can stuck into a thincker fabric such as jeans or even stuck into a iron piece like bras.

So, even using the delicate mode in a washing machine, damaging the fiber is inevitable. And that’s horrible thinking about your accessory durability.

And talking about washing, remind m e of the drying process.

Satin must shadow dry, ok? Sun will damage the colors and at the end you will have stains all over the product. But you know that one of the greatest advantages from a satin fabric is that it has a low water absorption level. And that’s the reason our pillowcases, bonnets and scrunchies will not dehydrate your beautiful hair.

Also satin dries super fast, so even under shadow the dryig process should be quick!

Satin accessories are perfect to travel with you! If you need to wash it, it will dry super fast!

Ok, but what about the protective bag?

Thinking and thinking about all things I just said, I created this protective bag. It is a netting bag with a zipper where you place your accessories inside and keep them protected from other clothes.

With this bag any of your satin accessory can be washed in a washing machine with no fear of it to be damaged.

The bag is reusable: besides using it in the washing machine, it can be also used to keep your satin accessories protected while traveling or even home. Amazing!

How can I have my protective bag?

There are two ways of you to have it. One is buying a No Frizz product that comes inside a bag, like the SMART TOWEL! We are trying more and more to use this kind of package, knowing that us, as industry, must take care of the environment to next generations. The other way is to purchase is separately.

But getting back on track, the bag will be perfefct for you to wash your pillowcase or bonnet, taking maximum care of them.

You just need to access and buy your protective bag! A satin kiss for you, take care!

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