Wash instuctions and our protective washing bag

Delicate fabrics require a special washing. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: hand wash, yes. And yes, satin products are in that group “List of delicate fabrics”…

I can feel from here your eyes rolling and you saying: “an who has the time do hand wash now a days?”

Yeah, I know that. And for this reason I thought about a solution for your problems. Because if you pay attention, that’s us: Stuff Solutions. Ihul! For those days that you can’t pay back all the attention and love your satin products give you, I have the solution: No Frizz Protector Bag.

So, my love, the deal is: we will go by steps. First I will explain about the importance of and how to wash your satin products and then you will understant why we have this protector bag.

Washing instructions

As I was saying, delicate ones need a special washing process. The ideal is hand wash so the polyester fibers doesn’t break, destroying your accessory.

Machine washing forces the fiber, especially when those delicate accessories can stuck to another heavier fabric.

So, even if you use the washing machine delicate mode, it will damage the satin, that’s unavoidable. And that’s the results No Frizz wants for your hair.

Another tip is: satin must dry in shade, ok? Sun can discolor the product causing stains. But it don’t absorb as much water as other fabrics, so it dries super fast, and that’s an advantage! That’s the reason satin pillowcase, bonnet and scrunchie will not dehydrate your beautiful hair!

But, what about the protective washing bag?

Saquinho de lavagem Anti Frizz

With the protective washing bag your satin accessories will be protected.

Thinking and thinking about everything I just told you I developed a protective bag. It is made of a durable and breathable polyester fiber material.

Using the bag, any satin item can be freely washed inside a washing machine with no danger at all.

The bag is also reusable so it can be used several times and not just to wash but also to keep your satin accessories inside, protected from other fabrics.

How can I get my protective washing bag?

There are two ways for you to have this beauty. One is buying a No Frizz items that goes with the bag, like the giant towel! 

The other way would be buying it separately from your satin accessories from No Frizz.

Access soulta.beauty and buy yours!