How can I have a perfect and hair frizz free

Who doesn’t love a clean, beautiful and frizz free hair? And doesn’t matter if you do have coily, curly, wavy or straight hair. When you learn how to blow-dry, it makes the whole difference.

The hair dryer, for exemple, can do wonderfuls for you, but is not the only way to blow-dry your beautiful hair.

Thinking about your daily routine and making it easier, I prepared a post to teach you how to blow-dry your hair faster and better!

Hair dryer

As said before, hair dryer is the best friend when hair drying, but without the necessary care it can be your worst enemy. What? Wait! But why? Chill girl, I will explain it to you. Each hair type has thei’re own way to wash, hidrate and finalize. So, it would not be different when talking about drying.

Coily and curly hair need more care when finalizing. Curls tend to have more frizz than straight hair, that is due the hair being more thin with less protecting layers.

If you do have curly hair, just like me, don’t freak out! If you do have a hair dryer home, don’t throw it away ok? Come with me, that I will teach you the best way to blow-dry it!

1- The perfect towel

The first tip is using the right towel after showering. Don’t use the same towel on your body and hair! Those soft and cute towel seems inofensive but they can be your worst nightmare.

Those towels when in touch with your fragile hair, cause friction which damages the hair cuticles, drying out and causing frizz!!! Besides that, it absorbs much more than just water, it absorbs also hydration. So, all time and money you spend on your hair during bath time will go away because of that towel!

So, the best option (being curly or not) would be the 100% cotton towel. Usually those towels are not expensive but they do some miracles. “But I don’t have enough money to buy one of those towels at the moment”. All good! You can use an old t-shirt or and old pillowcase! I personally did that for a long time…

2- Thermal hair protection

The second tip is the use of thermal hair protection. Hair is extremely sensitive regarding heat, so even if you use hair dryer/straightener during a short time, your hair will suffer with it.

Using a thermal hair protection avoid splited ends, hydrate and creates a protection layer. So, it’s just good and super necessary product while using any  kind of heat.

There are a infinity types of thermal hair protection, including those ones that avoid frizz. Other tip I can give you is to not apply it straight on the hair.

As we are talking about a product that uses heat to be activated, it’s good to rub it into your hands before applying it on your hair.

3- Can I use hair dryer everyday?

Regarding sensitive hair, we reached a very important topic: can I use hair dryer everyday?

Sure, you can. But, is that good? No, it is not good. And why? Because even following all the steps for this post (using the right towel and a thermal hair protective) the hair will still suffer some damages  caused by heat.

Obviously that following those tips your hair will thank you a lot, but it cannot be saved 100%. So, if you can leave the hair dryer at least some days during your week you will be able to enjoy the natural wind a little bit.

4- Cold or hot air? The right temperature for your hair

If you can’t let your hair naturally dry, pay attention to some tips I will give you to use while blow-drying it. For example, the temperature you will use, both cold or hot will give you good results, but in different ways.

  • Cold air is perfect for a shiny hair

If you just want to dry your hair, a cold or warm temperature are the ideal ones to not damaged hair strands. It can take longer than using a hot temperature, but does not harm your hair. Besides that, it will guarantee a shiny and healthy hair.

An extra tip is: if using hot temperature while blow-drying, the last 2 or 3 minutes use the cold one, this will make your hair shiny and reduce frizz.

  • Hot temperature is the ideal one to style

Now if you don’t give up on styling or straight your hair, hot temperature is your best choice. It gives your hair a new shape and can be used  both to make your hair very straight or wavy. If our goal is a hair with volume and movement, hot temperature is the ideal.

5- Dry your hair quickly and easily

To finish it with a flourish, I have the best tip! And this goes to those ones that are always in rush, with a full agenda and no time do blow-dry the hair.

Bet on a diffuser drying cap!!! 

These are far away the best option to any hair type. The diffuser drying caps evenly distribute the dryer jet, are much more faster and you will not ned to hold the dryer for that long. If you want to, you can simply place the dryer somewhere and continue doing your day-to-day tasks.

I’m not lying when I say this is the most practical and fast way to dry your hair! If you spend usually 40 minutes using a hair dryer, with the diffuser drying cap should take you around 15 minutes. No, you didn’t read it badly, you will have extra 25 minutes in your day.

Another reason to invest in a diffuser drying cap is that you will be able to use it in another ways. Such as thermal cap to potencialize a hydration or even to sleep and protect your beautiful hair from the frizz that can be caused during bed time.

It is worth mentioning that it is super affordable and you can find it here at No Frizz.

So, my dear friend I hope I was able to clear up some doubts and that you learned the correct way to wash your hair! Now you will just need to shine around with your gorgeous, beautiful and frizz free hair. A satin kiss ❤️

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