How to protect your hair while sleeping?

Waking up with a gorgeous hair, frizz free and beautiful is a hard task right? A lot of discipline is required to give life to your hair after a great sleep night.

But do you know that some minimum night care can elevate your day after?

Dedicating few minutes to your hair can be a solution for those morning hair dramas.

Check some tips on how to protect your hair before sleeping so it does not unroll and create frizz.

1- Do not sleep with damp hair

After an exhausting day all we really want is to take a hot shower and go straight to bed! Usually drying hair becomes a second option, an extra effort in a tiring day. But do you know the damages it can cause? Sleeping with damp hair leaves your hair unprotected, increasing fragility and causing hair breakage. Besides that, it can lead to various scalp problems, such as dandruff, dermatitis and infections. Sooo.. We don’t want any of that to happen right?

You can avoid all those problems by simply drying your hair, using a Diffuser Drying Cap and a 100% cotton towel. Different from the towels we usually have home, this kind reduces frizz, breakage and dryness by removing just the water excess, keeping the necessary for hair hydration.

A perfect towel, don’t you think? So go to our website and buy your 100% cotton towel and start now to take care of your hair!

2- Apply a natural oil where the hair is dryer

You know those parts where hair looks dull and different from the rest? This could be a sign of dryness.

Localized dryness consists of hair areas that have been affected by some factors and for some reason destroyed the hair’s integrity.

Those factors can be numerous but usually are linked to chemical processes and/or the use of hair dryer and straightener.

But don’t freak out! There’s a way to treat well your hair and be free of all those issues. You can do a night ritual or even apply 100% natural oil all over the dryest part and ends! You are good now, ready to sleep while the oil benefits will bring your hair back to life!

This treatment can be used twice per week to renew your hair.

3- Pineapple hair

I’m already aware of the wonderful way of sleeping with gorgeous hair and waking up like a lion after a fight! But we can battle against that with some tricks and one of those tricks is the pineapple hair:

This technique avoid curls to be in touch with the pillow, avoidig friction. You will just need a scrunchie, preferably satin for better results and tied it up very near by head front. It’s super easy!

4- Change your pillowcase

The pillowcase can be a nightmare for your hair and maybe you don’t even know about it. Do you know that frizz that follows curly girls? In the majority this frizz is caused by friction between our hair and the pillowcase.

To reduce the friction and damages caused by cotton pillowcase, the ideal is to use a satin pillowcase. This way your hair will become smooth and shiny after waking up. How wonderful is that?

5- Use a satin bonnet

The satin bonnet will help you to minimize hair frizz, keeping it hydrated and well cared inside the bonnet, as well helping to reduce tangle. Just the perfect accessory, isn’t it?

So imagine using the whole No Frizz set and waking up with a perfect hair? My dear friend, just ruuuun into our website and purchase yours!

6- Day after care

After taking out the satin bonnet on the other day, you can apply a little bit of hair oil into your hands and than on your hair, to detangle and style as you want. By applying the hair oil it will help you to prevent frizz.

But remember, all these tips are to REDUCE frizz, not to completely eliminate it. Since frizz is a natural hair issue, it will always exist and it’s important to learn how to deal with it!

After protecting your hair with the recommendations above, you will figure it out how important is to daily keep taking care of your hair so you can have a better day after.

Tell me, what are your practices to protect your hair while sleeping?




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