Self care is also love!

If the person has children, is the kids fault. If works somewhere, is the works fault. If takes care of the home, is the routine fault. If has a partner, is the partners fault. And if has all of this together, is all the problems fault. Everything is more important than us. Always. We, women, are educated since birth to not understand our role in this world, but the importance of taking care of the other. And sometimes we do forget about self care, it becomes not important. The day passes by with so many things to do that it turns into “tomorrow I will do it”.And tomorrow, tomorrow, till the day is too late. We develop a disease, a mental health issue, and still we keep forwarding the selfcare. Some days we think that the world will fall, isn’t true? There’s no self esteem that can handle that.At first we think that’s the meaning of love. We priorize the partner because that’s love. The children because we do love them. The work, because we love it. But I need to tell you the truth: no. It’s not that. They are lying to you. Do you know why? Because there is no way to love someone else without loving yourself first. Who loves, takes care, but especially takes care of themselves.How you will take care of your baby if your mental health is not doing well? If your back hurts, if your head is spinning… How are you gonna feel amazing with that cute guy/girl if you look yourself in the mirror and do not like what you see? My dear friend, stop everything that you are doing and listen to me: self care is everything in this life. Really.Flight attendant teach to place your oxygen mask first and than you help the person besides you right? Self care dear. Self care.Look, I know that most of people here od not have time and money to think about taking care of themselfes. But is possible even with short time and lack of money. Check it out.Basics self care

1 – Food

Alimentação saudável está na base do autocuidado

Fruits and vegetables are cheaper and healtier.

Our body is like a little clock. When a single piece is out of place, alert signal! Is missing sefl cafe. And one of the most simple attitudes is what you eat. Prioritize fruits, vegetables and fresh food, it’s very important to create a routine!The basic is breakefast, lunch, dinner + 2 snacks whenever hungry. Is always good to eat something between meals but always paying attention to: satiety. We don’t need to eat more or less than the body is asking for. Pay attention to your body sing. Self care!This will be a life changing already, trust me.

2 – Hydration

Tomar água é parte do autocuidado diário

Drinking a good quantity of water is essential to any person’s daily self care.

More than 70¨of our body is water. That’s right. Inside of each part of our bodies we keep water. And at the same time we loose it while peeing, sweating, etc. This amount must be replaced everyday.In short words: drink water.It sounds like a silly advice for sure, but sometimes our days are so busy that in the end of the day you had 1 glass of water and that’s it. So, an easy way to remember is keeping a bottle of water. Drink water.You will notice the change in your skin, hair and of course self esteem.

3 – Health

Cuidar da saúde é parte importante do autocuidado

Health is not all about body. We can’t forget about mental and spiritual health.

It’s hard to give enough attention to parents, kids and work if your health is not doing well. No one is here telling you to go to the doctor because you might have something ok?Just pay attention to your body. Have the feeling to listen to your body, feel it. Your pain is important. All of them, since the very slight pain till the very intense ones, from the monthly pains (headache, period pain) till that very strange pain that comes from nowhere.Is it hurting? Stop. Listen to it. Feel it. Try to understand what is going on and look for the solution because you simply don’t need to suffer. Is that simple! Oh! And I’m not just talking about body pain ok? We also have those heart pains, soul ones. They are just as important as the others.Girl, self care is body and mind ok?

4 – Sleep routine

I don’t know about you guys, but when I don’t have a good sleep night, omg. I wake up unrecognizable, everthing bothers me. We can’t deal with 800 problemas a day feeling tired. We need (so much) to have a good night to our mental and body health.Turning off is necessary!Respect your sleep. Respect yourself. Turn off when is time to sleep. Turn off everything! Computer, mobile, the world! Oh, you do have a baby? C’mon is not just 1 parent is it?

5 – Friends & family

Cuidar de si é também cuidar dos outros

Stay away from whatever makes you feel bad and value what brings you happiness.

Self care is really necessary and full of love. Stay away from who give you bad vibes and be around those who brings you love. People that cheers you up, values, helps you during bad times and understands your faults.

6 – Vanity

Mais do que aparência, vaidade também é autocuidado

More than appearance, vanity is also a self care.

With the right dose, it is for sure one of the most important self care we should have. It will be responsible for making us look at the mirror and think how amazing we are. And when we belive on it, there’s no bad self esteem my love. With your self esteem up to date. you wil care about body and mind.Is here where No Frizz job starts. All we do is based about beauty being a self care. Take a look on how many amazing products we have, all very accessible, with high quality and made based on a lot of researches and sooooo much love.Now, reflect about all things I told you and tell me: who will not fall in love with this amazing, beautiful, hot, sexy, full of her self woman that you will turn after a intensive self care routine?